Upgrade your Meta marketing with Evido Prime

A new approach to Facebook&Instagram advertising, secured by the Meta Authorised Sales Partner in Georgia

Trusted in Georgia

Upgrade your Meta marketing with Evido Prime

A new approach to Facebook&Instagram advertising, secured by the Meta Authorised Sales Partner in Georgia

How we can help

Evido operates as an extension of the Meta Sales & Support team, helping you build a bridge between your business goals and the wide range of Meta advertising capabilities.
We provide you with exclusive campaign consultancy and skill-boosting training to boost your marketing results and find growth hacks in campaign optimization.

0% Evido service fee

Achieve better results and gain proficiency in Meta solutions

Reassemble your approach to full-funnel strategy

to get the 100% out Meta capabilities for your business

Optimize your marketing cost

by automation and avoiding expensive mistakes with guidance from Evido experts

Become a market-leading team

by a combination of tailored knowledge sharing and curated practice

Not an agency

We make your team more capable and powerful in Meta marketing through consultancy, strategic brainstorms, education, and 5-minute tech support

What results to expect

20+ hours
saved on routine tasks
5x faster
problem solving
4x faster
adoption of new ad solutions
3x faster
education of junior marketers

For marketers 2.0

Evido connects marketers to a treasure box of knowledge and practical skills in Meta solutions and also helps adopt innovative marketing tools to meet global standards

Bringing Meta closer to your team to reach better results

First to know

Early access to the first-hand content from Meta and beta-solutions early adoption

Make your footprint

Become the trailblazer in Georgia with the most efficient campaigns published in the Meta directory

Shortcut to Meta

Priority contact with Meta support for faster problem-solving of complicated issues

Full-cycle improvement

From strategic consultancy and campaign reviews to troubleshooting and tech support
filling the gaps for a full-funnel strategy
setting the rights campaign goals and optimization strategies
focusing on KPIs that match your business goals best
current campaign reviews and optimization plan
Meta ad toolbox expansion with the most relevant solutions
experimentation plan coordination
campaign issues management and prevention
campaign analytics and tailored recommendation
campaign success PR and case studies publishing
Team development
assistance in Meta Blueprint certification for marketers
personalized education content selection
participation in Meta events

Our team is here,
at your service

Expert team

15+ Meta Blueprint managers are joining you in your marketing journey

Market Expertise

Our team collects local insights and can share valuable knowledge about the market

Local presence

Talk to us in Georgian and see us at our office in Tbilisi

How to become Evido’s partner?

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